Under the new General Education (GE) Curriculum, implemented in AY2015/16, GE courses are divided into 5 pillars, namely:

  1. Human Cultures
  2. Singapore Studies
  3. Thinking and Expression
  4. Quantitative Reasoning (GEA1000 is the only course offered under this pillar)
  5. Asking Questions (GEQ1000 is the only course offered under this pillar) - please see IMPORTANT NOTICE below.

All students (except those from the Faculties of Dentistry and Law, and the School of Medicine) are required to read and pass five GE courses, one from each pillar. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the GE courses within the first two years of their candidature.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: GEQ1000 Asking Questions

The final run of GEQ1000 Asking Questions has been conducted in AY2021/2022 Semester 1. With effect from AY2021/2022 Semester 2, GEQ1000 Asking Questions will no longer be offered.

To fulfil graduation requirements, students from cohorts AY2016 - AY2020 who have yet to pass GEQ1000 Asking Questions course by AY2021/2022 Semester 1 are required to read and pass DTK1234 Design Thinking, and DTK1234A Design Thinking for Architecture and Landscape Architecture students.

For information regarding GE Curriculum, please refer here

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