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  1. From the IVLE Workspace, look for the module you wish to import the marks.

  2. Click on the [Quick Actions > Edit].

  3. On the left menu, click on the Gradebook.

  4. Navigate to Items on the left menu. 
    Click on icon under the Mark column for the grade item record.
  5. Click on [Actions > Import from Excel] to import the marks from your excel sheet.

  6. On the import page,

    • Select whether to import by Student No. or User ID.
    • Choose the file to import. (You may refer to the template format needed for import.)
    • After you have chosen a file, click on the Upload button.

      My import fails, so what should I do?

      Please try the below suggestions.

      1. If your excel is protected with a password, please remove it and upload again.
      2. If your excel is not password protected and it still fails, please download the excel template from the IVLE Gradebook. Input your marks in there, and upload the excel file.

  7. Check and ensure the marks/grades/remarks are imported correctly.

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