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Advancement in ICT has brought about the following changes which have impacted the environment:

1)Change in Working Styles


Telecommuting refers to working from home using ICT such as phone, fax and computer, to electronically connect themselves to their offices during normal organizational working hours. The location of work is usually the home but there are also mobile offices where workers travel to a satellite office which are located nearer to the homes. [ICT and Our Society]

The term telecommuting was first used by the Center for Futures Research at the University of Southern California, to describe a geographically dispersed office where workers can work at home on a computer, and transmit data and documents to a central office via a telephone line. [ICT and Our Society]

Trend of Telecommuting:
Telecommuting has increased over the years due to rapidly evolving ICT.
Personal computer – makes it possible for individuals to telecommute
Mobile phone – added mobility
Internet – most profound impact, along with communication tools such as MSN messenger, e-mail systems.
Broadband – empowered telework, making virtual group work possible anyplace, anywhere [ICT and Our Society]

2)Change in Lifestyles

From Print to Non-print:

  • Reading news online - BBC, MSN, Yahoo, Reuters
  • Writing diaries online - blogs, personal websites
  • Online Shopping - E-bays, E-auctions, Commodities websites
    Transactions - Internet Banking, Online Billing at Government websites, Self-Service Automated Machine eg SAM machine which provides a variety of 24-hour services ranging from telecommunications, billing, postal to ticketing.

Impact on Environment:

  • Reduces paper usage, thus reducing need to process wood pulp which consumes great amount of energy
  • Reduces need for travel - uses less fuel for transportation - reduces amount of greenhouse gases emissions

3)Change in Teaching Styles

  • E-learning in schools eg. Singapore, USA, UK
  • Multimedia softwares/Cd-roms to replace classroom teaching
  • Use of Smart Boards instead of conventional marker boards/chalkboards
  • Online submissions of students' assignments through school portals/platforms eg. NUS- IVLE

Impact on Environment:

  • Reduces paper wastage
  • Reduces resources to make boards
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