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How to Make a Link?


How to make an internal link?  (Point to some position in the same page)   

1.Build an anchor:   put this code where you wanna link to

                      a name must be indicated, for example:    {anchor: bottom}     In Wiki Markup mode/Rich Text, you can view the real one at the bottom of the page

2. Link to the anchor: add the code below to where you wanna put the link( in Wiki Markup Mode)  
                 [ICTChina:Name you like|#anchor_name|link tip]                in this case  [ICTChina:Link to Bottom|#bottom|link tip]    You can have a try

ICTChina:Link to Bottom

3. You can also link to an anchor in another page

                 Actually, it is simply easy

                        [Name you like|ICTChina:Pagetitle#anchor_name|link tip]

                for example, I wanna link to the bottom of the Olympic page, the code should be 

                        [Link to Bottom|ICT in Beijing Olympic#bottom|link tip]             

                       Have a try    Link to Olympic Bottom         

 How to Link to another page?

1. Click the "add link" icon



    Choose " Recently Modified" or "History"                        

    Tick the one you wanna link with
    Type the alias~ name the link
    Ok la               

       Demon Link to another page                

     How to Link News?

       Basically, you have to add the news entry first and do the same as you link to another page    

       Demon Link News Entry

       In addition, you also can use anchor in this case, the code should be 

       [Link to a certain place in News|ICTChina:/2008/09/26/Google Defends China Search Site#bottom|link tip]

        Link to a certain place in News


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    Yes i think it is rather important that we have the basic guidelines : ) i have already managed to do one but still rather foggy on how to make it nice and detailed..

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