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  1. First and foremost, you need to create a module (How to create a module?), and add in module information.
  2. You may start creating the tools and add in the course contents.
    Below are the various tools available to support your teaching:
    1. Announcement (Announcement)
    2. Assessment (Assessment Starter Guide)
    3. Files (Files)
    4. Forum (Forum)
    5. Gradebook (Gradebook Starter Guide)
    6. Lesson Plan (Lesson Plan)
    7. Multimedia (Multimedia Starter Guide)
    8. Poll (Poll Starter Guide)
    9. Project (Project Starter Guide)
    10. Survey (Survey Starter Guide)
  3. Check students in the Class and Groups (Class & Groups).
  4. There are many features and reports available. Happy exploring!


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