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Set up or create Turnitin submission folders in IVLE Files / Workbin.


  1. Enabling Turnitin submission means that students will upload their files directly to a Turnitin assignment via IVLE.
  2. IVLE does not host a copy of the files for Turnitin submission folders.
  3. Only Module Owners and Managers can access students' files in Turnitin submission folders.
  4. Read Managers cannot access students' files in Turnitin submission folders.
  5. You cannot undo the integration once the Turnitin assignment is created.
  6. Turnitin assignment settings must be configured after the Turnitin submission folder is created.

  7. Turnitin submission folders cannot contain sub-folders. Each Turnitin submission folder contains one Turnitin assignment.

    1. You can still create a normal student submission folder that contains several Turnitin submission folders.

  8. Each student can only submit one file per assignment. If resubmission is allowed, any submission by a student overwrites his/her previous submission.

Log in to IVLE.

In the Workspace, click the Module code where you want to create the Turnitin submission folder.

Click Files (Workbin) on the sidebar.

If You are in Preview Mode, click to switch to Edit Mode.

Click + New Folder.

A window will pop up. Fill in the Folder Name.

If you do not see other options other than the Folder Name, create a new empty folder first, then edit that folder.

Edit the Folder Open Date.

Edit the Folder Expiry Date.

Edit the Accessible To lists, if necessary. (Refer to How do I grant my tools access to selective official groups?)

Click Yes for Student Submission Folder. More options will appear below. (You may need to scroll down in the options window.)

Click Yes for Enable Turnitin Integration. Some options will be hidden.

Read and understand the instructions. Click + Create.

A pop-over will appear. Read the instructions, then click Modify Assignment Settings.

Wait for Assignment Inbox to load.


Continue to configure the Turnitin Assignment Settings.