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These instructions assume that you have enabled Turnitin submission in IVLE Files.

Accessing Modify Turnitin Assignment Settings from Workspace

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You can Modify Assignment Settings at any time.

In the Workspace, click the Module code where you created the Turnitin submission folder.

Click Files (Workbin).

Important: If You are in Preview Mode, click to switch to Edit Mode.

Check the Turnitin submission folder for which you want to modify the settings.

Click Edit.

A pop-up window will appear with the Turnitin submission folder settings.

Click Modify Assignment Settings.

In the Assignment Inbox, click Settings.

Start date, due date, feedback release date

The Start date and Due date have been set when you created the Turnitin submission folder.

You can edit the Start and Due date in the Turnitin folder submission folder settings.

If you want to use GradeMark, set the Feedback Release Date. Otherwise, leave this unmodified.

Feedback Release Date with relation to Start Date

The Feedback Release Date must not be before the Start Date. This situation can occur when instructors create the Turnitin submission folder in advance, then edit the Start Date later on.

The Feedback Release Date set before the Start Date will result in you not being able to access your assignment. To recover the folder, change the Start Date to just under a year before the Feedback Release Date.

Assignment Settings

Optional settings

Click Optional Settings. Configure the settings as required, then click Submit.

Notes on...


Please choose Do not store the submitted papers if you do not want your students' papers to be included in Turnitin's database. Note that if you do not store the papers in the repository, Turnitin will not be able to compare papers within a class.

Similarity Report Generation

If you choose Generate reports immediately (resubmissions are allowed until due date): After 3 resubmissions, reports only generate after 24 hours:

  1. Please inform your students that only the first 3 resubmissions will generate immediate reports. The 4th resubmission onwards have a 24-hour delay before an updated similarity report is generated.
  2. Note that the similarity reports for all papers will be regenerated within an hour after the due date. As students are resubmitting and reports are generated immediately, reports are not compared to each another until after the due date, when there are no more changes to the submitted papers.

Disabling similarity reports

If you only want to use Turnitin for e-annotation of students work, and you do not want to generate similarity reports, follow these instructions.