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  1. Paper removal requests are done on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Only staff can send paper delete/remove from Turnitin repository requests to the NUS Turnitin Administrator (NTA).
    Students need to contact their instructors if they need to do this.
  3. NTA does not have access to files (nor the respective paper IDs) that users have deleted from assignments nor does NTA perform the removal directly.
    NTA has to send the request to Turnitin. This process can take several days.
  1. The requestor must know the paper ID(s) of the paper(s) to be removed.
  2. The paper ID is on the digital receipt the student received on submission.
  3. If the requestor or the student has deleted the paper(s) from the submission folder / assignment, the requestor has to contact Turnitin to retrieve the paper IDs.
  4. Turnitin may be able to help the requestor retrieve the paper IDs, if enough information is provided.
    1. Go to Turnitin Support Wizard.
    2. How do you use Turnitin? select Instructor.
    3. In need help with... select Deleting a paper.
    4. Click Find Answer.
    5. Click Raise a Ticket.
    6. In the form, fill in as many details as possible.
    7. In the text field, say that you want to send a request for the paper deletion but the Administrator requires the paper IDs. However, you/your student has deleted the paper from the assignment, thus you need Turnitin to help retrieve the paper IDs. Please provide information such as the submission folder title, the title of the papers, the date and time of deletion (as accurately as you/your student can approximate).