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Class groups are groups which you may use in IVLE to grant access in the respective tools.
You may choose to import them from the official groups like lecture groups, tutorial groups or other official groups. 

  1. Navigate to edit mode of the module.

  2. On the left menu, click on Class & Groups.

  3. On the Class & Groups left menu, click on Groups.

  4. There are two ways to setup class groups.

    1. Import from official groups, e.g. lecture groups, tutorial groups, sectional groups, etc.
      How do I use the official groups, e.g. tutorial groups, in IVLE?
    2. Or, create new class groups
      1. Click on [Create Class Group] button.

      2. Enter a group name and select the number of groups to create.

        You may create more than one group at one go. Select the number from the Create Multiple Groups drop down.

      3. If the students are allowed to sign up for the class groups themselves, 
        1. check off 

          Only users from Class Roster or Guest Roster can sign up for the class groups.

        2. set the maximum number of students allowed in each group
        3. set the enrollment opening and expiry dates
      4. Click Save to create the class group(s).

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