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  1. On the Workspace, locate your module, and click on [Quick Actions > Edit].

  2. On the left menu, click on Class & Groups.

  3. On the Class & Groups left menu, click on Guests.
    On the Guests page, click on the [Add Guest] button.

    1. If your guest already has a NUSNET account,
      • Enter the userid of the guest, and select tool, and then click on the [Save] button to allow the guest access your module and respective tools.
    2. If your guest does not have a NUS account,
      1. Click on the [Create] button to start creating a guest account.

        Only NUS staff can create non-NUS guest accounts.


      2. On the create guest account page, you can enter a the details of your guest user. select the module, and select the respective tools' access so that the newly created guest account can access your module and tools upon creation.
        Click on the [Create] button.