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Once you have entered the marks/grades/remarks, your students can review and verify whether the uploaded marks/grades/remarks are correct.

The objective is to give students the ownership of mark checking.

Please follow the below 3 steps to configure.

  1. Publish the Gradebook and the Grade Item
    1. Publish the Gradebook
      Go to Gradebook > Settings on the left menu. 
      Under the Security panel, ensure that the Accessible To is set to the class students, and the Publish flag is set to Yes.
      To change the settings, click on the Edit button.

    2. Publish the Grade Item
      After you have entered marks, grades and remarks for the students, go to Gradebook > Items on the left menu.
      Edit on the grade item.
      Under Student Display panel, you need to select at least one checkbox for the Item Security, so that students can start viewing and checking their marks, grades and remarks.
      Click on the [Save] button.
  2. You may send students an email to alert them about the uploading of the marks, grades and remarks of the particular grade item, so that students can initiate mark checking. 
    On the left menu, click on Gradebook > Items.
    Click on mark icon for the grade item.
    Click on [Actions > Email].

  3. Under the Verified column, you are able to see whether the students have verified their marks, grades and remarks and on which date it is being verified.
    You can also choose to send reminder to students who have yet verified the info. Click on [Actions > Verify Reminder].

Student's View

On Gradebook, student is able to click on Yes to indicate that he/she has verified the marks, grades and remarks for those items with inputs.