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To grant tools access to your respective official groups (e.g. lecture/tutorial/sectional groups) of your module, you need to first import the official groups as class groups.

Then, on the tools, grant access to the selective class groups.

Below are the 2 steps: 

Step 1: Import Official Groups as Class Groups

Refer to How do I use the official groups, e.g. tutorial groups, in IVLE? to import official groups as class groups.

Once the groups are in, you may use the imported groups for access of the respective tools.

Step 2: Grant tools access to the respective class groups:

  1. On the horizontal menu showed on the top, click on the module to go back to the module settings.

  2. Click on the tool under Tools on left menu.
    The tool refers to the Announcement, Assessment, Chat Room, Files (Workbin), Forum, Gradebook, Lesson Plan, Multimedia, Poll, Project, Survey, Web Lecture.

  3. On the tool's settings page, click on edit settings.
    Under Accessible To option, select the class group which you want to grant access to.
    Click on [Save] button.