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The Lightboard is a glass chalkboard pumped full of light. It is for recording video lecture topics. You face toward your viewers, and your writing glows in front of you. 

  • An example of a Lightboard recording is NUS Libraries’ short instructional view on Tracing References.

Lightboard is open source, shared by an engineering professor from Northwestern University, You may visit the website for more information:

CIT has installed a Lightboard at CIT Studio, NUS Library Annex.

You may liaise with CIT Staff if wish to use it for your iBLOC video production. Alternatively you may email Mr Rosely Bin Othman

Recording Tips:

  • You need to work out your equation within the limited space (see the marked area) of the glass wall. Erase the working to start your next recording. If you wish to join two or more videos, that should be possible in post-production, using a video editing tool.
  • For better readability, avoid standing behind your writing or write first and stand aside to elaborate. Writing stands out better against the black background.
  • You may choose to wear darker shades but not black. Avoid printed designs, t-shirts with logo, slogans etc.


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