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Recording room

Where can I book the recording room?

  1. Email to book the Arts & Social Sciences Self-Recording Room. Please note the operation hours (on the right).
  2. The FASS room booking administrator will respond to to your booking request.

What are the advantages of the recording room?

The recording room allows you to:

  • record in a well-lit environment with controlled lighting,
  • record in a sound-damped location with a professional microphone,
  • use an interactive pen display (a screen with pen input), and/or
  • use a green screen for simple chroma keying.

Can I use my own laptop for recording?

We highly discourage recording on your own laptop.

The recording room equipment has been set up so that it can serve a wide range of people. If you use your laptop, you will have to move the recording room equipment, install drivers for the hardware (webcam, interactive pen display and microphone) and place everything back so that the next person can use the room without difficulty.

We encourage you to record with the equipment in the recording room, save the files to a thumbdrive or hard disk, then edit on your own computer outside of the recording room.

Can I edit in the recording room?

The recording room has equipment that is set up primarily for recording. While the software on the recording room's PC can be used for editing, we encourage you to edit on your computer in your office or at home. It will be unfair to other users who want to the facility for recording if you are using the room for editing, which can be done elsewhere.

Please contact Brenda Tamilchelvi - - if you need a licence for Camtasia Studio (Windows) or Camtasia for Mac.

I use a Mac, but the recording room only has a PC. Can I still record there?

Yes, you can record in the recording room. Camtasia Studio records in .trec format. This recording format can be edited in Camtasia for Mac.

Mac Users

DO NOT start editing in Camtasia Studio (for Windows). The project formats for Camtasia Studio (Windows) and Camtasia for Mac are distinct. They are not compatible.

I need to demonstrate software that is not available on the recording room computer. What can I do?

We recommend that you use Remote Desktop to log in to your office computer. You can demonstrate the software and record the screen that way.

Why can I hear sound from the air-conditioning duct?

The Arts & Social Sciences self-recording room was retro-fitted. Totally soundproofing the room would have been cost-prohibitive.

Instead, the room is sound-damped to reduce echo. The microphone has a uniform cardioid pickup pattern which isolates voice and minimizes background sounds.

You are also advised to raise the temperature to 25°C, which will minimise air-conditioning noise.

Combined with post-processing, most background noise should be able to be reduced, if not removed.

However, we cannot guarantee that very loud sounds, if present, can be eliminated from the recording.

Camtasia Recorder

After recording, I cannot see the webcam in the recording preview, why is this?

The webcam is on the lower right-hand corner of the recording preview. If you cannot see it, scroll to the bottom right-hand corner or click Shrink to Fit.

You will notice that the webcam preview is relatively small. If you have set the correct resolution for the webcam (1280 x 720) before recording, you will be able to expand the webcam capture to these dimensions during editing.

Interactive pen display (tablet)

I am a left-hander. Can I move the interactive pen display?

We suggest that you move the microphone slightly so that you can write freely on the display.

The interactive pen display font size is very small. Is there anything I can do to adjust it?

Please do not adjust the system font size or the screen resolution. This will affect the pen calibration.

Can I use the pen display as an extended display rather than a mirrored display?

The interactive pen display is designed to be used in mirrored mode. Although PowerPoint has a presentation mode where the slides can be on one screen and notes and other information can be on the other, it serves no purpose as you must annotate on the slides. You will not have much chance to refer to the presentation information.

Chroma keying

What is chroma keying?

In layman terms, it is the use of a green screen so that you can insert a different background. This is done during editing in Camtasia Studio.

Are there special requirements for chroma keying?

Before recording:

  • Do not wear green to the recording.
  • Ensure your hair is neat and tidy. If you have long hair, make sure it is tied up neatly. This will allow for clean separation between you and the green background.

I want to insert slides/videos in the background or interact with the background. Can I use the recording room green screen for this purpose?

The room is set up for simple chroma keying - using still images as a background, where placement is not vital. This is because the chroma keying is done during editing, not live.

If you want to use slides with text/animation or videos in the background, or you want to interact with the background, you should contact CIT to arrange for a proper studio shoot.


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