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eLearning Week Preparation Guide

An eLearning Week (eLW) will take place in AY 2013/14 Semester 1 for all Faculties and Schools except Music.

Week 5 - Mon 9 Sep to Fri 13 Sep

  • Arts & Social Sciences
  • Business
  • Computing
  • Design and Environment
  • Engineering
  • Medicine (including Nursing)
  • Public Health
  • Science
  • University Scholars Programme

Week 8 - Mon 7 Oct to Fri 11 Oct

  • Dentistry
  • Law

eLearning Week will involve all modules and includes lectures, tutorials and seminars. Assessments, laboratory sessions, examinations and field trips will be affected. The Centre for Instructional Technology (CIT), Computer Centre (CCE) and the Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning (CDTL) together with the respective Faculty/School AV/IT Units, will be managing the preparations and conduct of eLearning Week, under the direction of the Office of the Provost.

Staff training will be provided by CIT and the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL).

Why eLearning Week?

The threat of a pandemic situation leading to campus zoning or home quarantine is real.1 Other emergencies or accidents may also necessitate temporary measures that require students and staff to stay at home. During these times, eLearning can be instituted so that the University can continue a certain level of teaching and learning.

In 2009, the University's first campus-wide eLearning Week focused on lectures. Subsequently, several Faculties and Schools have conducted comprehensive eLearning Weeks which included tutorials and seminars online.

This eLearning Week will be the first that involves lectures and tutorials across the entire campus. This will pose challenges to:

  • faculty and students, who will have to adapt to online methods of conducting tutorials and seminars, and
  • IT infrastructure, as there will be increased load on software and hardware.

The Office of the Provost hopes that you take this exercise as an opportunity to pick up new skills and to prepare yourself for emergency situations.

University's Objectives

  • Stress test the University's ability to carry on teaching during major disruptions without seriously affecting students’ study plans.
  • Encourage faculty to explore and develop innovative ways of teaching.


Through eLearning Week, CIT hopes that faculty staff:

  • Learn about the options available to them for eLearning.
  • Learn at least one method of delivering a lecture and conducting a class online.

Briefing sessions

In order to ensure a successful eLearning Week, CIT will begin briefing sessions detailing the available eLearning services. You will be informed of these sessions by email.

Early preparation is vital

CIT encourages staff and students to start preparing early for the eLearning Week, particularly if using Web Conferencing, as this will involve two-way communication tools which require installation and some hands-on experience.

Online Lecture Tools

View the comparison chart of Online Lecture Tools.

Online Tutorial & Seminar Tools

View the comparison chart of Online Tutorial & Seminar Tools.


Ref Notes
1 Refer to Preparing for a Human Influenza Pandemic in Singapore, pp. 30-31, MHA, 2009.
2 Pre-recorded webcasts are not encouraged as they are not a realistic option for an actual emergency situation.


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General Enquiries

For questions about specific tools, please contact the person listed on the respective tools' page.

eLearning Week Contacts

  • To be confirmed


Previous eLearning Weeks

  • AY 12/13 Sem 2 - No eLW
  • AY 12/13 Sem 1 - SOC, SDE
  • AY 11/12 Sem 2 - ENG
  • AY 11/12 Sem 1 - SCI
  • AY 10/11 Sem 2 - No eLW
  • AY 10/11 Sem 1 - FASS
  • AY 09/10 Sem 2 - BIZ
  • AY 09/10 Sem 1 - Campus-wide (Lectures only)
  • AY 08/09 Sem 2 - No eLW
  • AY 08/09 Sem 1 - No eLW
  • AY 07/08 Sem 2 - CNM (Trial)
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