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These instructions enable you to set up Turnitin to allow TAs to view papers. The instructions will guide you in setting up a Master Class and Class Sections, and assigning TAs to Class Sections.

Important Notes

  1. Class Sections need to be set up before any papers are submitted.
    Once assignments have been submitted, you cannot enable access for multiple TAs.
    1. More accurately, you can create multiple Class Sections after papers have been submitted. However, as there is no way to move submitted papers between Class Sections, only the TA of the first Class Section will be able to see the assignments.
  2. Each Class Section can have only one TA.
    1. Only the instructor who set up the Master Class and Class Sections can see papers and Similarity Reports in all Class Sections.
    2. Each TA can only view papers and Similarity Reports in their Class Section(s).
    3. Each Class Section can only have only one TA.
    4. However, one TA can have more than one Class Section.

       Expand the example...
      1. Master Class - Mrs Otter (Instructor)
        1. Section A - Ms Bat (TA)
        2. Section B - Mrs Cat (TA)
        3. Section C - Mr Squirrel (TA)
        4. Section D - Miss Owl (TA)
        5. Section E - Mrs Cat (TA)
      2. In the above example, only Mrs Otter can view all papers in all Sections.
      3. Each Section has only one TA.
      4. Mrs Cat has two Sections. She can only view papers in Sections B and E.
      5. The rest of the TAs can view papers in their respective Sections only.

1. From the All Classes tab, click Add Class

2. Create a New Class

  1. From the Class type drop-down list, choose Master class.
  2. Enter a Master class name.
  3. Select Class end date (or closing date).
  4. Enter a TA join password. (This is compulsory, even though you will be creating the sections yourself.)
  5. Click Submit.

3. Class created

  1. Click Continue.

Unlike a normal class in Turnitin, you need not take note of the Master Class ID and Enrollment password.
You will create Class Sections, and provide the respective Class Section ID and Class Section Enrollment password to your students.

4. Click +Section

5. Add a Class Section

  1. Enter TA's first name.
  2. Enter TA's last name.
  3. Enter TA's NUSNET email address. If the TA has a friendly-mail alias, you must use that email address instead.
  4. Click Submit.

Important Notes

  1. The first time a TA is added to a class in Turnitin, the TA will receive an email about a Turnitin account having been created for him/her.
  2. The TA should ignore the password in that email. Your TA can log in to Turnitin using his/her NUSNET user ID and password.

6. Add Section Information

  1. Enter a Section name or number.
  2. Enter a Section enrollment password. (Each section should have a unique password which you choose for your students.)
  3. Click Submit.

7. Class (Section) created

  1. Take note of the Class (Section) ID and Enrollment password.
  2. Click Continue.


  1. The Master Class and each Class Section has its own Class IDs and Enrollment passwords.
  2. Do not give the Master Class ID and Enrollment password to your students.
  3. Only give the students the Class (Section) ID and Enrollment password of the appropriate Class Section.

8. Add more Class Sections as required

Repeat steps 4 to 7 until all the required Class Sections have been created, then go to the next step.

9. Create Assignment

Click the (Master) Class name.

10. Click New Assignment

11. New Assignment

  1. Enter an Assignment title.
  2. Enter a Start date.
  3. Enter a Due date.
  4. Click Optional settings.


  1. You can ignore Point value. This is only useful if you are using rubrics and GradeMark.
  2. You can ignore Post date. This is only useful if you are using GradeMark.

12. New Assignment (continued)

There are various settings you can choose.

Most importantly, make sure:

  • Generate Similarity Reports for student submissions is set to immediately (can overwrite reports until due date).
  • Allow students to see Similarity Reports is set to Yes.

If you wish:

  • Submit papers to no repository.
  • Once done, click Submit.

13. Push assignments to sections

1. Make sure all sections are checked, then click Submit.



  • Inform your students of their respective Class Section ID and Enrollment password.
  • Please provide your students the instructions for joining a class.
  • As the owner of the Master Class, you can view all papers.
  • Each Class Section can only be assigned to one TA. You cannot have more than one TA per Class Section. On the other hand, a TA can have more than one Class Section.