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Download and install TechSmith Relay Recorder

Please log in to the TechSmith Relay Screen Recording website and download the appropriate recorder for your operating system.

Once downloaded, double-click the installation file to install TechSmith Relay Recorder.

Create a screen recording

After installing the TechSmith Relay, it can be accessed by clicking Start > All Programs > TechSmith Relay.

Log in as a Presenter with your NUSNET user ID and password.

From the Profile drop down menu, select e-Learning Week or iBLOCs and Flipped Classroom.

Both profiles produce mobile-enabled MP4 video files. The difference is video dimensions:

  • eLearning Week: 1024 x 768
  • iBLOC and Flipped Classroom: Follows your monitor screen resolution


Check audio input volume, available disk space and click test to verify audio and video setup. (Optional: camera input - webcam.)

Click the rec button to begin recording. Click stop to finish recording.

Preview and click Submit to upload your recording to the TechSmith Relay server. Once uploaded, it will be visible on IVLE.

You can close the programme. Your recording will be uploaded to the server in the background, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

If you switch off your computer or lose connection to the Internet, the upload will resume automatically the next time the computer is switched on and connected to the Internet.

You can record at home on a laptop and continue uploading to the server when you are on campus.


To monitor the upload progress, click on the server icon in TechSmith Relay to log in to the TechSmith Relay server website. Click the Presentations menu to view the upload status.

Once the presentation has been published, you will receive a Presentation Published email. Click the link in this email to view the recording.

A general guide, the video will be ready within 1 to 3 workings day. Do prepare your lecture earlier, just in case of sudden high video uploads.

Manage your screen recordings

Recordings can be managed through IVLE under Tools > Multimedia > Camtasia. Here, you can view, publish and delete the recordings as well as edit the title.


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