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What is Ink2Go?

Ink2Go is a screen recorder. It enables you to create a video recording of what happens on your computer desktop. Ink2Go records audio, so that you can record your lecture. If you have a webcam, you can also record video of yourself, which will be displayed as a picture-in-picture on your screen recording. Ink2Go also allows you to select a specified area for recording, and it allows you to create annotations on your recording.

For example, you can show a presentation in Acrobat Reader or PowerPoint and start recording the desktop while you narrate. As the recording continues, you can switch to your web browser to show a website that you want to highlight while you continue talking. You can then switch back to the presentation and so forth. While you are presenting, you can annotate your slides.

Technical requirements

  1. Windows or Macintosh computer with:
    1. at least 2 GB free hard disk space
    2. Internet access
    3. Microphone
  2. Ink2Go software


Start preparing early

You will need time to plan, record and upload the presentation. Traffic jams happen online as they do in real life during rush hour. As we anticipate high demand, many faculty staff will be attempting to upload their presentations close to eLearning Week. This may result in slow or failed uploads. You can avoid these online traffic jams by preparing early.

Plan your presentation

Ink2Go records “as live” in one continuous take, so you have to plan your presentation in detail before you start. Even though you can pause during recording, you cannot choose to re-record a previous section if you made a mistake. (You will have to re-record everything from the start, up until the point you left off.) You should:

  • change your screen resolution to 1024 by 728 pixels
  • open all necessary programs you will show during the recording e.g. presentation software, web browser and any other program you intend to demonstrate
  • preload any websites if necessary
  • close any programs which have pop-up notifications or emit sounds
  • choose a neutral wallpaper and clear your desktop of any sensitive materials
  • script your presentation, annotated with the actions you need to take at each point
  • rehearse before recording

Record your presentation in intervals of 20 to 30 minutes

Breaking up your presentation into smaller chunks reduces the chances of failed uploads.

Upload from campus

If you recorded your lecture on your laptop, your upload speed will be greatly improved if you bring the laptop to campus and use a wired connection on the campus network. Some faculty have noted that mobile broadband (in particular) has much lower upload speeds than advertised, so uploading from home may take a very long time.

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  1. Download and install Ink2Go
  2. Open Ink2Go
  3. Prepare computer, presentation software and other programs for recording
  4. Record presentation
  5. Upload presentation video to IVLE Multimedia Bank
  6. Publish presentation video to IVLE Module



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