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Notes on inactive Teachers and wrong sections displayed

The following are an unintended effects of move to display student inactive enrolments:

  1. Instructors entirely removed from a course are listed as inactive.
  2. Previous sections for users are still displayed.
    1. Students and instructors moved from one section to another are also listed as inactive in the sections they have been removed from.
    2. However, unlike removing users entirely from a course, there is no inactive tag visible to instructors for those who have changed sections. Instead, instructors see all the sections a user is and was part of.

      titleHow to view which section a student belongs to?

      Click the student's name. The sidebar that appears on the right will display the section(s) that the student is in.

Who sees the inactive users?

  1. While instructors see inactive users in People, students cannot see inactive students nor inactive instructors. This can be verified by using Student View in People.
  2. Also, for instructors who have been removed from a section, the students do not see the instructor in that section any more.

The students do not see the wrong information.

Future direction

The instructor view is admittedly misleading, so we are working on a solution to automatically remove enrolments that have been inactive for 3 days.

This aims to balance the needs of managing inactive enrolments while ensuring a timeframe that should accommodate most cases. Once we have tested the solution, we will work to implement it.

How inactive students are treated in a course