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  1. Go to Grades on the course navigation.

  2. Download the template. Open it and add your students' matriculation numbers in column A and the respective points for the assignment in column B. Leave the headers as is. You may update CA1 to the title of your assignment.

    If you are creating the CSV from scratch, please follow this format:

    Code Block
    titleSample of imported CSV file into Grades
    Student ID,CA1
  3. Once you have filled in the CSV, click Transform CSV For Import to upload it. Please wait for the transformation to be completed. This might take a while if there are many records.

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  4. There will be a message to say that it has downloaded the transformed CSV. The transformed CSV will have the original filename appended with transformed e.g.

    1. Original: test.csv

    2. Transformed: test-transformed.csv

  5. Please verify the data before proceeding to import the transformed CSV into Grades.

  6. Click Import. Upload the transformed CSV.Image Removed
    Image Added