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  1. Download this template. You will add the user list and marks to this template.
    Note: As an example, the last column is titled CA1 where you can add the marks. Do rename it to the name of your assignment before adding in the marks. The title will be used to create the Assignment with the same name.

  2. Add the list of NUSNET IDs - e.g., e0123456 - under the SIS User ID, column C. You may also add the list of Names under the column titled Student, Column A.  You can download the class roster to get the list of NUSNET IDs of your students.

  3. Add the marks in column G that need to be added for a specific new assignment (or) an ExamSoft assignment. The header for column G can be the name of your assignment/assessment.

    • The list of names and userIDs can be in any order; and need not contain the entire list of names.
    • The fields are case sensitive. Ensure that the fields (Student, SIS userID, Integration ID) all match the downloaded gradebook (CSV file) from Canvas.
    • When using student names, ensure that you do not have two students with the same. If you do have similar names, please include the SIS userID field along with student name field.
    • For those names for whom marks have been not added, they will be blank when imported.
  4. Go to your course > Grades > Actions > Import > Choose the file, then click Upload data.

  5. Select the assignment for which the import applies.

    1. If the assignment is not created in Canvas already, choose New assignment.

    2. Add the total points possible, then click Continue.


      In Canvas, all gradebook columns must be linked with a respective assignment. If you choose new assignment, a no-submission online assignment will be created for you.

  6. The list of names with marks will be displayed. You will see two columns: From and To. This is a preview of the marks allocation. If it is a new assignment, there should be no entries in the From column.

  7. Click Save Changes to accept.