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Yes! Create a private channel and add selected members who are already in the team. 

Can Microsoft Teams be used in China? 

Yes. Microsoft Office 365 tenants hosted outside of China are accessible from within China. Services under Office 365 are not blocked by consumer firewall or ISPs at this time. 

Users' experience may vary by service and network as Microsoft has no control over consumer internet services. They are advised to download client apps (instead of using web-based client). 

If your users experience network performance issues, they should report this to NUS ITCare for troubleshooting, who can then escalate to Microsoft support. 

Can the team members or guests leave the team on their own?

Yes. Any member or guest can leave the team at any time via Teams web or desktop clients.

How do I make sure people in a team or channel see my post?

The best way is to @mention them. Type @ before someone's name and they will get a notification if they are not online.

To get the attention of the entire team, type @team before your message and all your teammates will receive notifications.

What happens when I create a new team?