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titleModule Matters

1) I would like to read GER1000 /H and GEQ1000 /H but I can't find the module in ModReg Select Modules. What should I do?

GER1000 /H & GEQ1000 /H is is pre-allocated to students according to the schedule set out by the respective Faculties. You are unable to select the module. Please refer Preallocation Guidelines for more information.GER1000H and GEQ1000H is only offered to Hall Freshmen, who will attend tutorials at their respective halls.

2) Am I able to choose which Semester to read the GER1000/GEQ1000?

The module is preallocated to you according to the Preallocation Guidelines set out by your faculty/department according to you Major/Programme schedule.  You are not allowed to choose the semester to read the module.  Exceptions must be cleared and approved by your faculty/ department.

3) I have recently dropped out from UTCP. Do I need to read GEQ1000?

You should receive an email from the GE committee stating whether you have fulfilled the GE requirements. If the email states that you are required to read GEQ1000, please send in an appeal to the respective mailbox with a copy of the email from the GE committee for consideration. 

4) I am from the 2015/2016 cohort, can I take GEQ1000 to fulfill the Asking Questions pillar of the GE requirement?

GEQ1000 is only offered to cohort AY2016/2017 onwards. For cohort AY15/16, your fifth GE module can be fulfilled by reading an additional module from the Human Cultures, Singapore Studies or Thinking and Expression pillar.

5) I see that there is a lecture for the module, do I need to attend the lecture?

There is no physical lecture. You only need to attend tutorials fortnightly - on Odd or Even weeks depending on the tutorial that you are assigned to.

6) I am pre-allocated GER1000 but my friend is pre-allocated GER1000P. Why are there different codes?

GER1000E/K/P/R/S/T/W and GEQ1000E/K/P/R/S/T/W are meant for Hall Freshmen from cohort AY17/18 onwards.

GEQ1000H will replace GEQ1000E/K/P/R/S/T/W for all Hall Freshmen from cohort 18/19 onwards.

GER1000H will replace GER1000E/K/P/R/S/T/W for all Hall Freshmen from cohort 19/20 onwards.

GER1000B is reserved for BTech students reading the module in special/ summer term from 17/18 onwards.

7) I have failed/received a CU/U grade for GER1000/GEQ1000. Do I need to read the module again?

Yes. Please refer to here for details on repeat of modules. 

87) I received a D+/D grade for GER1000. Do I need to read the module again? What if I use my S/U option?

Students are not allowed to repeat modules they have received grade D or better. However, if you choose to exercise S/U option on your D+/D grade, the corresponding grade will be U (Unsatisfactory). You would then need to read the module again. Please refer to here for details on repeat of modules.