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  1. Familiarize yourself with Examplify before exam.
    1. Attend the Examplify student briefing arranged by your lecturer or your faculty/department. Alternatively, register for and attend our common briefings (Common Briefing Sessions).
    2. Go through our Examplify briefing slides (CIT Student Briefing Slides) or watch the Examplify briefing video (Examplify Student Briefing Video).
    3. Take a few practice exams (Practice Exams) and write to us ( if you run into any technical issues.

  2. Watch out for any announcement or email from your lecturer regarding the exam password, download start date and upload deadline.

  3. Remote proctoring.
    1. ExamID and ExamMonitor
      1. Authenticate yourself with a face scan after entering the exam password.
      2. Position your test taking device in such a way that your whole face and shoulder are captured by the webcam throughout the exam.
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      3. Go through our user guide: Proctoring ExamSoft (Examplify Assessment) with ExamID/ExamMonitor

    2. Zoom on a second device
      1. Prepare a second device, e.g. mobile phone or tablet, for Zoom proctoring.
      2. Position your second device from a side view to show your face, hands, the exam device and a wide view of the work/desk area.

      3. Go through our user guide: Proctoring with Zoom

  4. Technical support.
    1. If Zoom is not used for proctoring, live support will be provided to you via Microsoft Teams. (Support for Exams).
    2. If Zoom is used for proctoring,
      1. Use the 'Raise Hand' option in Zoom and text the invigilator if you encounter any technical issues during exam.
      2. Your invigilator will alert the support staff in Microsoft Teams and relay the instructions provided by the support staff to you.
      3. The support staff may seek the invigilator’s approval to assist you directly, e.g. join the Zoom session or call you via Microsoft Teams.

  5. Submission.
    1. If Zoom is used for proctoring,
      1. Use the 'Yes' option (green tick) in Zoom after you have uploaded your answers so that your lecturer can verify your submission.
      2. You will NOT be allowed to leave the Zoom meeting early. You can upload your answers early but have to remain in the Zoom meeting until the end of exam.