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Step 2: Click Teams on left app bar and look for the team that has been provisioned for your module's lecture group(s) for that semester
The team name format will be TERM_MODULECODE_GRPNUMBER. For example, 2010_BN1234_L1.

titleI can't find the team auto-created for my module

If there is missing data of faculty assigned to a module on EduRec, we would not be able to provision a team without an owner. Please proceed to create your own team: 

(a) Click "Join or create a new team". Select "Class" and enter the team name according to suggested naming convention: <term> <module code> <module title>

e.g. For 2019/2020 Semester 2, use "1920 NUR2502 Healthcare Policy

(b) Next, add only the course facilitators (if any).