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  • Under the new General Education (GE) Curriculum, implemented in AY2015/16, GE modules are divided into 5 pillars, namely:
  1. Human Cultures
  2. Singapore Studies
  3. Thinking and Expression
  4. Quantitative Reasoning (GER1000 is the only module offered under this pillar)
  5. Asking Questions (GEQ1000 is the only module offered under this pillar)

For more information regarding GE Curriculum, please refer here


Application of Review of Exam Results : AY2019/2020 Semester 1

If you wish to apply for review of examination results for:   GEQ1000 and GER1000/ GER1000H

Closing Date: 30 December 2019, 6pm

Email:              GEQ1000:

                        GER1000/ GER1000H:

Required documents:   Completed form (refer to Exam Directory)

Payment:        $10, Cash Only - this is required for the request to be processed.  We will contact you to collect payment when your application is received.