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  1. Click the module card from the landing page, you will be brought to your module page.
  2. Click Forum.
  3. If your Heading currently do not have any Category, under that Heading you will see a remark indicating that you do not have any category and a link to create one, click that link. Alternatively, click the + button inside the heading’s ellipsis.
  4. Fill in the form under GENERAL.
  5. Click NEXT.
  6. Set the following:
    • Permission - If you want to grant access to everyone, select Inherit Module Permissions. If you want to grant access to group of students, select Class Groups. If you want to grant access to specific class rosters, select Class Rosters. If you want to grant access to module Facilitators, select Module Facilitators. If you want to grant access to guests, select Module Gueststick Everyone in this Module. For other types of users, tick the user groups accordingly.
    • Visibility – Yes or No.
    • Visibility start and end date
    • Posting period – If you choose Set a posting period, you will also need to specify the posting start and end date.
  7. Click NEXT.
  8. Specify the POSTING RULES. If you want to limit responses per thread, words per post, or character per post, you will need to fill in the number.