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If you are currently holding a LumiNUS local guest (gst) account which has already been migrated, please do refer to the following below steps to login.

  1. Go to LumiNUS. Click on NON-NUS USER LOGIN button. Sign in using the registered email address indicated in your email (example:

  2. There are 2 options to sign in.
    • Option (A)
      Login in via your social account which is tagged to the registered email address in LumiNUS (example:
    • Option (B):
      If you prefer not to login using the social account, you can create an account with a new password. (The is done one time only.) Click on the Sign up now link.
      Enter the email address registered in LumiNUS. (example: Click on the Send verification code button. Get the code from your mailbox and paste it under Verification code and click on Verify code button.
      Enter the rest of the fields and click on Create button.

      Subsequently, for future logins, you can sign in by entering the Email Address and Password and click on Sign In button. 
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