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“A. subpubescens fusca, abdomine cingulis quatuor caeruleis. Habitat in Indiis.”, which translates to “brown, short pubescence; four blue abdominal belts. Habitat in Indies”.



Fig 7. Amegilla zonata performing buzz pollination on a Melostama malabathricum flower
(Photo: Khew S K, used with permission)
Fig 8. Amegilla zonata showcasing its long proboscis
(Photo: Zestin Soh, used with permission)


Footnote Macro

Cardale, J. (1968). Parasites and other organisms associated with nests of Amegilla Friese (Hymenoptera: Anthophorinae). Australian Journal of Entomology7(1), 29-34.


Global distribution

Amegilla zonata have been described to be found throughout India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, extending through the Malayan peninsula to Australia