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This is an opportune time to review your module and do some housekeeping and how it is organized.


  • Only the owner (not co-owner) of the IVLE module can request for migration.
  • Each IVLE module can be migrated once. Subsequent re-migration requests will not be entertained.
  • The module to be migrated will be created as a new module in LumiNUS.
    • It will not be migrated to an existing module in LumiNUS.
  • You may choose to migrate only certain tools and content within certain modules. Please refer to the table below.
    • Please indicate the module and the tools in the module you wish to migrate using the module online migration application form (available in Dec 2018). The migration request form is available until end-Feb 2020.Modules more than one academic year old will not be migrated
    • Do not migrate all your IVLE modules to LumiNUS. Please do your housekeeping and only migrate the relevant ones.
    • The newly migrated module needs to indicate the target academic career and term, following EduRec definitions.
      • Please use the actual academic career and term for which you intend to use the module in LumiNUS.
      • This is because the academic career and term cannot be changed once it is set in LumiNUS.
      • Do not indicate an earlier term as a placeholder.
    • Please indicate the
    reason for migration.
    • correct module code in LumiNUS in the migration request form. 
      • If it's supposed to be cross-listed module in LumiNUS, please indicate. Example, if you need to migrate IVLE module "GEH1234" to LumiNUS module "GEH1234/GEK1234".
      • This is because the module code cannot be changed once it is set in LumiNUS.
  • Migration is on a first-come, first-served basis.After migration, please .
  • Corporate modules cannot be migrated.
  • Once your requested IVLE module is migrated to LumiNUS, you will receive a confirmation email to inform you of the status. Please check that the content has been migrated successfully.


AssessmentThe video
Tool / ItemWill be migratedWill NOT be migratedRationale
  • Module settings
  • Anonymous Feedback
  • Tags
Anonymous Feedback and Tags are not supported in LumiNUS.
  • Module Description sections
  • Facilitators

  • Text & Readings
  • Library e-Reserves
  • e-Resources
Library very low usage of e-Reserves & e-Resources: you will need to submit a new request and get approval from NUS Libraries.
(Quiz in LumiNUS)
  • Assessment settings
  • Sections and Questions
  • Marking scheme
  • Students' responses. Please refer to past students' responses in IVLE.
  • Videos in in-video quiz

  • (A system dummy video is included by default for the migrated module. Please upload your video so that the questions are tagged to the cues.)
The videos used for in-video quiz quizzes is progressive download in IVLE, but it 's is streaming in LumiNUS.
  • Folders settings
  • Files
  • Student submission files, marks and comments, Turnitin submission folders and submissions.

  • Multimedia settings
  • Multimedia files

  • Library media files in LumiNUS are linked in Library Resources. You will need to submit a new request to get approval from NUS Libraries.
  • TechSmith Relay is no longer supported after 31 Dec 2018. You need to download your existing files to MP4, and upload them to LumiNUS.
  • Poll settings
  • Poll questions
  • Students' responses. Please refer to past students' responses in IVLE.

  • Survey settingsSurvey questions
  • Sections and Questions
  • Students' responses. Please refer to past students' responses in IVLE.

Web Lecture
  • Existing Web Lecture content has been migrated to a cloud-based service.
  • Please send a email request to the Web Lecture team to reinstate specific web lectures: ( to reinstate specific web lectures so that these will be in your migrated module in LumiNUS.

  • Nil
  • Announcements

Previous announcements are not applicable to the present. You may refer to IVLE, if necessary.

Attendance / Participation
  • Nil
  • Attendance / participation information

Past attendance and participation are not applicable to the current semester.

  • Nil
  • Chat

Replaced by a different chat software.

Class groups & guest roster
  • Nil
  • Class groups
  • Guest roster

Past groups and guest rosters are not applicable to the current semester.

  • Nil
  • Consultation slots

Previous consultation slots are not applicable to the current semester.

  • Nil
  • Forums

Forums use a different structure in LumiNUS. Please refer to IVLE and recreate the forums in LumiNUS.

  • Nil
  • Gradebook

Gradebook content is specific to each semester, and cannot be migrated.

Guest accounts
  • Nil
  • Guest accounts

IVLE Guest Accounts are local to IVLE only.

Lesson Plan
(Learning Flow in LumiNUS)
  • Nil
  • Lesson Plans

IVLE Lesson Plan is incompatible with LumiNUS Learning Flow.

Open Web Lectures
  • Nil
  • Open Web Lectures

Not applicable due to different structure and process.

  • Nil
  • Project

Project will be deprecated, to be replaced with a different tool.

Research Recruitment
  • Nil
  • Research Recruitment

Past recruitment ads are not applicable.

Resource Banks
  • Nil
  • Guest Bank
  • Multimedia Bank
  • Web Lecture Bank

In LumiNUS, individual items can be reused by search.

  • Nil
  • SCORM content

LumiNUS deals with SCORM in a different way from IVLE, so SCORM content cannot be migrated.


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