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By allowing the students to view their results and verify them, it provides the opportunity for students to clarify their doubts personally with the lecturers, check their marks and thereby reduce possible incidents of errors.

Depending on your requirements, you may need students to verify their marks. If you allow the Gradebook tool to be visible for your students, when they click on the Gradebook tool, their Gradebook page will show published graded items with the VERIFY button. They can click on this button to verify their mark.

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This is an example of a student’s view of the Gradebook page.

If you need to send a reminder to students to verify their marks, the steps are as follows:

  1. Go to your module.
  2. Click Gradebook.
  3. Mouse-over the ellipsis for the graded item, and click on Send Verification Reminder.
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  4. A form will appear.
    1. Choose if you want to send the reminder to students who have not verified or to all students.
    2. If required, place a tick on Exclude students from the Guest Roster.
    3. If required, fill in the userid of users you want to cc in the CC List.
    4. If required, change the prefilled Subject field.
    5. Fill in your Message.
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The form above can let you know if there are students who have not verified their marks and who they are; since in the Send to section’s option of Students who haven’t verified yet (step 4a), there is a link that indicates how many students have not verified their marks. On clicking that link, you can find out who they are.

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Another way to find out if students have verified their marks is to go to the item's statistics. Mouse-over the ellipsis, and click on Statistics.

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Scroll down and select Marked Students for the drop-down list.
A check mark will appear in the Verified? column to indicate students who have verified their marks. Here you can also find a link to Send verification reminder.

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