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titleClick here if you want to know how to update marks in an existing graded item using excel

If you already have an existing graded item and would like to update marks in the existing graded item using excel?

  1. Click on the graded item header box. You will see that the header box will have a blue border to indicate it has been selected. Make sure you only select one graded item.
  2. Click on Re-import from Excel link on the right hand side. If you cannot see the Re-import from Excel link, make sure that you only select one graded item.

Note the following when doing re-import.

titleNote on input marks by non-NUS user

Non-NUS users do not have access to input marks even if they are added into the module as facilitators.

From the Gradebook main page, you can either import marks from an excel file through adding a graded item (+ Add Graded Item) or by clicking the Import from Excel on the right menu. The form and process will be the same either way.

The following instructions to import graded item from an excel file will be through clicking the Import from Excel option:

  1. Go to your module.
  2. Click Gradebook.
  3. Click Import from Excel on the right menu.
  4. You will need to complete the form that appear:
    1. Select if the Creation Type will be by Student's Number or Student's User ID.
    2. Download the excel template and fill in the excel file accordingly.

    3. Click Attach Excel File to choose and upload your excel file.
    4. Fill in the Item Name.
    5. Fill in the Maximum Marks.
    6. Fill in the Description if you have any.
    7. Set Mark Anonymously to Yes or No depending on your requirement.

  5. Click the Grading Schema tab.
  6. If you want to apply a grading schema, untick Do not apply a grading schema for this item. A Letter Grade and Mark Range as specified in Gradebook Settings will then appear. You can adjust these accordingly.
  7. Click the Display Options tab.
  8. Specify if you want the Marks, Grades, Comments, or Statistics to be published by setting them to Yes or No accordingly.
  9. Click Save.

You will see that the graded item will be created and the imported marks will be shown for each students.

titleMy import fails, so what should I do?

Please try the below suggestions.

  1. If your excel is protected with a password, please remove it and upload again.
  2. If your excel is not password protected and it still fails, please download the excel template from the LumiNUS Gradebook.
    Input your marks in there, and upload the excel file again.