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  1. Go to your module.
  2. Click Conferencing.
  3. Click + CREATE MEETING.
    [If you have not activated your NUS Zoom account, it will prompt you to activate and sign in.]

  4. You will need to complete the form that appear:
    1. Fill in the name of the meeting.
    2. Specify who can access the meeting. If you want to grant access to everyone, tick Everyone in this Module.
    3. Specify the start date and time.
    4. Specify the duration of the meeting.

    5. Select the Meeting Options available:
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      1. Meeting Password: Yes, so participants Participants need to enter the password to join the meeting. (default is set to "Yes" due to security reasons)
      2. Enable Waiting Room: Yes, the host will manually allow waiting participant to enter the meeting.
      3. Mute participants on Entry: Yes, participants will be muted upon entry into the meeting to reduce noise.
      4. Only authenticated users can join: Yes, participants need to sign in before they can join the meeting. (default is set to "Yes" due to security reasons)
      5. Enable Recording: Host can choose to record locally or on cloud. If host choose "Record to the cloud", he/she will received an email notification from zoom once the recording is ready. 
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      6. Send E-mail: Send e-mail to participants for this meeting.
  5. Click Create.