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  1. If you record new Web Lectures (webcasts), you must use LumiNUS as the new Web Lecture system is only in LumiNUS.
  2. If you use the Project tool, it is only available in IVLE. An equivalent tool is currently in development for LumiNUS, and it is not ready for use.
  3. Are you co-teaching the module? Have a discussion with your co-teachers about this.
  4. How comfortable are you (and your students) with new technology?
  5. Is your tolerance of bugs low or high?
  6. What is your class size? If it is small, you might considering using LumiNUS.
  7. Is your use of IVLE mostly passive (e.g. announcements, distributing lecture material, collecting assignments) or does it involve grading (e.g. online quizzes, forum participation marks etc.)? If you use IVLE in a mostly passive manner, you may consider switching to LumiNUS.

We do not encourage you to host one module on both LumiNUS and IVLE. However, in some situations, it may be inevitable. Please read a possible scenario suggesting how to resolve these situations.

Are there any tools in LumiNUS that will not be available in IVLE?


Academic staff will have to inform students whether your module is on IVLE or LumiNUS.

This will only affect AY18AY 18/19 as IVLE is scheduled to go into read-only mode in AY19AY 19/20.

LumiNUS Features

What is new in LumiNUS?


Staff and students may also email

From April 2018 onwards, we will begin CIT has been holding fortnightly webinars to introduce LumiNUS to the NUS community. These will be more frequent towards the start of AY18AY 18/19.

Please refer to the Webinars page for details on the webinar schedule.