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When does LumiNUS launch?

LumiNUS launches launched in alpha Alpha in January 2018.

We expect LumiNUS to launch in beta Beta in July August 2018. The beta Beta period will last at least until July August 2019.

The schedule is shown below.

AY17/18 S2AY18/19AY19/20
LumiNUSAlphaBetaFully operational
IVLEFully operationalFully operationalRead-only


Where can I access LumiNUS?

You can log in to LumiNUS using your NUSNET ID and password at

What does Alpha mean?

LumiNUS alpha Alpha is a preview of what to expect when LumiNUS launches.

  1. You should not use LumiNUS alpha Alpha for your official modules. A number of known and unknown bugs are likely to surface.

  2. LumiNUS alpha Alpha does not have the full feature set planned for launch.
    Some features in LumiNUS alpha may not be in beta and final launch.

  3. Content created in LumiNUS alpha Alpha will stay in beta Beta and final launch. The records will not be purged unless the entire feature is removed.

IVLE will run as per normal during LumiNUS alpha. You should continue using IVLE for your modules.

Who can access LumiNUS alpha?

You can log in to LumiNUS alpha using your NUSNET ID and password.

Where can I access LumiNUS?

You can access LumiNUS at


What does Beta mean?

LumiNUS beta Beta means that you can start using LumiNUS for your modules/classes.


IVLE will run concurrently with LumiNUS during the LumiNUS beta Beta period.

However, development of IVLE will cease. IVLE development will be limited to critical security and bug fixes.

Once LumiNUS beta Beta period is over, IVLE will go into read-only mode . Eventually, it - no new content will be able to be created/hosted on IVLE. This is scheduled to go into effect from AY19/20. At a later date, IVLE will be shut down.

Are IVLE and LumiNUS connected?


Project tool will not be available in LumiNUS. It will be replaced by another tool, which is yet to be developed.

I want to use LumiNUS during


Beta, but some of the features are not available. What should I do?

We advise you to continue using IVLE until the feature is available in LumiNUS.


Training workshops may be organised once the beta Beta is launched. More information will be released later.