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  1. You should not use LumiNUS alpha for your modules. A number of known and unknown bugs are likely to surface.

  2. LumiNUS alpha does not have the full feature set planned for launch.

  3. Some features in LumiNUS alpha may not be in beta and final launch.

  4. Content created LumiNUS alpha will stay in beta and final launch. The records will not be purged unless the entire feature is removed.

IVLE will run as per normal during LumiNUS alpha. You should continue using IVLE for your modules.


Can I export my module and content from IVLE to LumiNUS?

Unfortunately, no.

This is because IVLE and LumiNUS do not share a common database nor a common database structure.


The comfort level for a beta product will differ from person to person, so we have decided that both should be available while we polish LumiNUS up for actual launch.

Running both concurrently also allows LumiNUS to gradually deal with actual-use load.

Are there any major tools in LumiNUS that will not be available in IVLE?