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You can log in to LumiNUS using your NUSNET ID and password at

When does LumiNUS launch?

LumiNUS is currently in Beta.

The Beta period will last at least until August 2019.

The schedule is shown below.




What does Beta mean?

LumiNUS Beta means that you can start using LumiNUS for your modules/classes.

Some features may still be unavailable, but LumiNUS should be stable enough for actual use.




LumiNUS and IVLE

What happens to IVLE?

IVLE will run concurrently with LumiNUS during the LumiNUS Beta period.

However, development of IVLE will cease. IVLE development will be limited to critical security and bug fixes.

IVLE will go has gone into staff-only mode on Sunday 4 August. At a later date, IVLE will be shut down.

IVLE development has ceased. IVLE updates will be limited to critical security and bug fixes.

It will be available for at least one academic year but probably more.


Guest Accounts (gst)

Starting from 9th July 2019, LumiNUS no longer issue and support guest (gst) accounts. Non. Staff can add non-NUS users via the non-NUS users' email address. The non-NUS users will login can then log in to LumiNUS via their social media account (if these are linked to their email address) or create a new password sign up. they will create an account just for logging in to LumiNUS.

Below is the impact:

  • Active (not expired) gstxxx accounts with non-NUS email will be migrated.
    The existing password is no longer valid. Please login via the social media login which is tied to the personal email, or create a new password sign-up.
    For details, refer to Change in login for migrated guest (gst) accounts.
  • Gstxxx accounts with NUS email will not be migrated.
    Please login using your NUS credential instead.
  • Multiple gstxxx accounts with the same non-NUS email addresses will not be migrated.
  • When adding a non-NUS user as a student into a module, you can simply add in the personal email address. An invitation will be sent to the user. The user will need to login into LumiNUS for the first time in order to activate the account.
    For details, refer to Add non-NUS student into the module.


Project tool will not be available in LumiNUS. It will be replaced by Class & Groups, Files, Consultation and Evaluation. Evaluation is a work in progress and will only be ready in AY 1920/20 S221.

You may use TEAMMATES as an alternative: It is a free tool developed at the NUS School of Computing.

Gradebook export to IMMS

Direct export of grades from LumiNUS to IMMS is currently not available.

This feature is dependent on NUS IT to change the IMMS pages such that it can import from LumiNUS.

Direct export to IMMS should be ready by the mark entry of AY 19/20 semester 1 (after recess week - early Oct 2019).

In the meantime, you can export marks to a spreadsheet, then import the spreadsheet to IMMS.

When the integration is built, unlike the "Export to IMMS" in IVLE, there will no longer have "Export to IMMS" in LumiNUS. You can simply go to IMMS and do an import from LumiNUS.


Participation will not be available in LumiNUS as the usage was low in IVLE.


The feature in "Analytics" tab is a work in progress. You can export results to excel instead.

Course Distribution List

Faculty administrators can login into EduRec after mid Aug 2019 and send email in the course DLIVLE Course DL is not available. For now, you can continue to use the IVLE Course DL to send please submit the nTouch request to Send email to students till 31st Jul 2019in DL.

Year Book

Since the student roster for the past modules will be retained for 1 academic year in LumiNUS, lecturers still can email to their past students should there be a need to send assessment feedback to their students.

Students Modules Taken

As advised by EduRec, you can access EduRec report to get student past modules taken. The navigation within EduRec is:
NUS Custom Reports > Academic Records & Awards > Student Academic Record.

You will have to create your own run control id, run the report by individual student ID.

Questions relevant to AY 18/19 only