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Module Issues

1) According to the pre-allocation guidelines, my Major/Programme is scheduled to read GER1000 in Year 1 Sem 1 or Sem 2. Am I able to choose which Semester to read the module?


Students are not allowed to repeat modules they have received grade D or better. However, if you choose to exercise S/U option on your D grade, the corresponding grade will be U (Unsatisfactory). You would then need to read the module again. Please refer to here for details on repeat of modules. 


Tutorial Issues

1) How do I choose the tutorial slot that I want?


No. As per NUS policy, classes should end 30 minutes in advance to allow travelling time for the next class.


For Hall Residents

1) I am a student from Eusoff Hall but I am not able to attend any of the tutorial slots located at Eusoff Hall due to timetable clash. What should I do?