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For School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (SCALE) students,
Due to the nature of the programmes, a tutorial group will be pre-allocated based on your study scheduleHere are some tips to Select Tutorials.  You may refer to RESOURCES ON MODREG FOR STUDENTS at ModReg here for videos on these steps.


Students are to ballot for tutorial classes

  • There are a wide variety of timeslots to choose from (you may search for the modules hereat NUSMods)
  • Allowed to rank up to 20 slots (1 being highest priority)
  • Tutorial registration will be done in Tutorial Iteration 1. Students are to note that this Round begins 1 week earlier than tutorial registration for the majority of other modules. Please refer to online CORS schedule.

Tutorial Balloting : Rounds 1A & 1B

  • In Rounds 1A & 1BSelect Tutorials Round 1 & Round 2.  Please refer to ModReg Schedule.

For students from the School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (SCALE), due to the nature of the programmes, you need not select.  Youwill be allocated to a tutorial group based on your study schedule.

Select Tutorials Rounds 1 & 2

  • In Rounds 1 & 2, a quota is set for students from different Faculties and Nationalities, to ensure that there is a mixture diversity of students from different faculties in each tutorial class.
  • Quota is available at Tutorial Balloting reportsFor Hall students, priority is given to select tutorials conducted at the hall of residence, subject to availability.
  • Students will be divided into two groups by faculty:

Science & Technology (S&T)

Humanities & Social Sciences (H&SS)

Faculty of Science      Engineering (including Pharmacy & Env. BioComputer Eng.)

Faculty of Arts & Social Science        (including Env. Geo.)

School of Computing

School of Design & Environment

Faculty of Engineering

      (including Computer Eng 

Faculty of Science (including Pharmacy & Env. Bio.)

School of Business

School of Computing

School of Continuing and Lifelong EducationDesign & Environment

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

Tutorial Balloting : Add/Drop/Swap

  • During Add/Drop/Swap : the round, the remaining quota will for the tutorials will be merged
  • Add/Drop/Swap is on first-come-first-served basis. You may refer to the CORS Briefing Slides for FreshmenIf CORS  
  • If ModReg does not swap your tutorial by the end of the Add/Drop/Swap Roundround, it means your swap request was unsuccessful. 

Tutorial Balloting : Manual Registration 

Students who do not secure a tutorial timeslot after all the balloting rounds are required to come down physically for a manual registration process. The details for manual registration will be communicated to students via NUS email. 

Students who are not pre-allocated with any slots by the end of manual registration Appeals/ Inquiries 

By the end of the Add/Swap round, you should have secured a tutorial slot.

If for any reason you have not, you may submit an appeal via Appeals/Inquiries in ModReg.  This MUST be done one day after the Add/Swap round.  This is to ensure you secure a tutorial slot before tutorials commence in Week 3 for GEQ1000 and GER1000.

Students who do not have a tutorial slot by the end of Week 2, will be pre-allocated a slot from what is available and on random a random basis.