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  • Under the new General Education (GE) Curriculum, implemented in AY2015/16, GE modules are divided into 5 pillars, namely:
  1. Human Cultures
  2. Singapore Studies
  3. Thinking and Expression
  4. Quantitative Reasoning (GER1000 is the only module offered under this pillar)
  5. Asking Questions (GEQ1000 is the only module offered under this pillar)

All students (except those from the Faculties of Dentistry and Law, and the School of Medicine) are required to read and pass five GE modules, one from each pillar. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the GE modules within the first two years of their candidature.

For more information regarding GE Curriculum, please refer here

If you are pre-allocated the module in a particular Semester, it will be reflected in the CORS system by Round 1C (Semester 1) / Round 2A (Semester 2).
Students who are supposed to read/wish to read the module(s) in a particular Semester and are not pre-allocated the module, please appeal for the module via CORS Appeal. Please use the queue "Request to be preallocated GEQ1000 or GER1000 in current Semester" from Round 1C (Semester 1) / Round 2A (Semester 2) onwards.
Tutorials for GER1000 starts on Week 2, one week earlier than most modules.

The ModReg Add/Swap round has ended. For those who have yet to secure a slot,  or wish to change your slot,  you may:

Email to GEQ:, GER:

  • Use your NUS email account
  • State your Student Number (Axxxxxxxx)
  • Rank five tutorial groups and timeslots in order of preference. 
  • Provide the reason if you wish to change your slot
  • The appeals will be processed on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Please send us a clear screenshot of your timetable

Things to Note:

  • Provide supporting documents such as medical appointments, external class or work commitments, to support your request
  • Change of slots may be done only for valid reasons.   Some examples of reasons that are not accepted are:- to be in the same class as a friend, travelling time, back-to-back- lessons (as classes end 30mins earlier to cater for travelling time between venues).


Students who do not have a tutorial slot by the end of Week 2, will be pre-allocated a slot from what is available and on a random basis.

General Notes

  • For GEQ and GER modules, there are no physical lectures.

  • You will attend a 2-hour tutorial, once every two weeks (Odd or Even)

                - ODD classes starts in Week 3 (28 January 2020 onwards)

                - EVEN classes start in Week 4 (3 Feb 2020 onwards)

  • For Appeals and Enquiries on registration, please submit via ModReg. 

    For general queries on the module, please write to us here.