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Information and Communications Technology


Information and Communications Technology, better known as ICT, is the integration of information processing, computing and communication technologies. The advancements in ICT have transformed the ways human activities are being performed, ranging from areas in learning and working to living in general. As ICT is increasingly being given an integral role in the proper functioning of various sectors, such as Information Technology, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Education, the role of ICT in combating Climate Change has been underlined as both an important and urgent issue for international communities to delve into in recent years.

In particular, the ICT sector itself has been registering rapid growth and is itself an energy-dependent industry. Various studies have therefore been initiated to investigate how ICT could be harnessed to provide energy savings and carbon gas reductions while at the same time deliver sustained economic growth and productivity.

The following sections will explain how ICT can be specifically applied in businesses to target Climate Change, how the Internet has played a major role in promoting Green awareness, as well as how the ubiquity of ICT in work, education and personal living has indirectly generated benefits for the environment.

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