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The wiki aims to provide the insights to Information and Communication Technology in India. India is rising to be a technological hub in the region. With the improvements in technology, access to information in remote parts of the country is made more convenient, enabling them to break free from the cycle of poverty. Together with the advantages, this improvement in technology also has its setbacks, which are eliminated via legislations. Thus, this wiki provides its readers with sufficient information about the ICT statistics in India and educating them of the pros and cons of ICT.   

Under the sector of ICT statistics, we aim to provide readers with the statistics of ICT usage in India over the past 10 years such as mobile usage, internet usage and etc. The term "digital divide" is meant to caution people about the possible or potential effects that the digital revolution may be having on society. Through telecom usage, it plays a significant part in helping the people to have access to information anytime and anywhere they want and foster the dissemination of knowledge and entertainment in all sectors of society.