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  • Click the Search tab. You can search all wiki spaces or your wiki space.
  • Enter your search term in the text box.
  • Click Search.
  • Click the link of the page you want to link to.
  • Enter the link text if necessary.
  • Click Insert.


Recently Viewed

Recently Viewed is a list of Wiki.nus pages which you have recently viewed. Many times, this will have the page that you want to link to.


  • Click the Attachments tab.
  • Click Browse. Use the file explorer to find the file which you want to attach, then click Open.
  • Click Attach. The file you want to attach now appears on the list.
  • Click the file's link.
  • Fill in the link text. e.g. If you type "Download the lecture slides", this text will become the link: Download the lecture slides.
  • Click Insert.

Attachment Links



Web links allows you to create links to web sites outside of Wiki.nus.