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  1. Set to widescreen. (This is a must.)

  2. Use the slides as a visual aid:
    1. Avoid large chunks of text.
    2. Use key words instead of dumping your script into the slides.
    3. Paraphrase where possible to reduce the impression that you are just reading from your slides.
    4. Use relevant images and diagrams.

  3. Colours:
    1. contrast dark colours against light colours
    2. do not use too many colours
    3. do not use gradients
    4. highlight text? Change colour and bold.

  4. Leave white space and a border around the slides. Do not put text or content right to the screen edge. It is ok to use full-screen images.

  5. Use large font sizes - remember some may view videos on smartphones. Text must be readable. Preview on your phone using Dropbox.

  6. Do not use slide transitions (they tend to get edited out). Use animations only if necessary.

  7. Use PDF as backup.

  8. Slides (and script) should be submitted to the project manager at least three working days before recording. This gives a day for project manager to revise, a day for instructor to make changes, and a day for one final review. Proofreading is very important especially for external MOOCs.