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jikosekinin refers to self-responsibility (or individual responsibility). How is the term related to neoliberalism? As I quote from Anne Allison’s Precarious Japan (2013),
Aligning with (and protecting) big business, privatizing more and more of (what once what once were) government services under the banner of “individual responsibility” (jiko sekinin) and investing and investing too little in social programs, including welfare (for, but not only, the newly flexible labor force labor force with low wages). (p. 52)
With the above explanation given, it is clear that this term is interconnected to the ideology of neoliberalism, where it advocated for the liberalization of markets and the decreasing state role in the economy. As markets liberalize, the increase in contract-based workers (haken) had increased during the late 1990s. At the same time, corporations have also decreased their employment of regular employees, and the percentage of ‘working poor’ (people who are regular employees but their income fall below poverty level) have also increased. However the state chose reduce the role they are playing in the society by advocating for the reduction of welfare spending, and thus these groups of people fell or are in the danger of falling into precarity.