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  1. Papers submitted using Quick Submit are automatically added to Turnitin's student database.
    1. There is no opt-out option.
    2. Deleting the file from your assignment inbox DOES NOT remove the file from Turnitin's student database.
  2. DO NOT submit papers that have already been submitted, or that students may submit later. This leads to skewed Originality Similarity Index results.
  3. DO NOT use Quick Submit for checking your own papers. Instead, staff should use iThenticate to check their own work.
  4. DO NOT submit on behalf of others. Depending on the case, this might be in breach of NUS Acceptable Use Policy for IT Resources.
titlePlease note:
  1. Quick Submit is for ad hoc submission of papers.
    1. This is useful for instructors who do not require students to submit assignments to Turnitin, but want to generate ad hoc similarity reports for specific papers.
  2. Instructors who want to use Quick Submit must activate the feature in their Turnitin account. It is not enabled by default.
  3. Quick Submit is available to instructors (NUS staff) only.
  4. Quick Submit (and Turnitin) does not compare two papers directly to each other. Please refer to this FAQ.


Table of Contents

Quick Submit Activation


You will see a submission is complete message. You can Go to the assignment inbox or Submit another file.

Once the originality similarity report is generated, you can see it on the Quick Submit tab.

Click the percentage to see the paper's Originality Similarity Report.