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The Screen recording tool allows the users to record the desktop screen or a particular area of the screen to produce the lecture video. This type of recording is very good for the teaching where you need to share multiple resources (like MS word, PowerPoint, PDF or custom application) during your lecture. Screen recording approach is also employed for creating step by step tutorials.

What is the difference between Camtasia Studio vs TechSmith Relay?
CIT recommends Camtasia Studio 8 from Techsmith as it supports features for post production editing. Take note that TechSmith Relay (promoted during eLearning Week) is a lighter version of screen recording tool with negligible editing function.

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 Camtasia Studio

Screen recording and video editing

Create professional-quality images with Camtasia’s powerful screen recording and video editing tools

Click here for the product overview.

TechSmith Relay 

Organization-wide video creation and hosting

Roll out interactive videos across your organization with Relay’s video creation and hosting system.

Click here for the product overview.

What about Training?
Techsmith's extensive online tutorials are here to help you get the most out of your Camtasia Studio experience.

Can it support Mac platform?
Yes. Camtasia Studio is available in both Windows and Mac platforms.

How can I get started?
Kindly download the 30 days (full working version) free trail to try it first. If you are comfortable using this tool and decide to use it for your video lecture development then contact CIT.


Alternatively, you may book the following self recording rooms across campus if your office is not conducive for such video recordings.

Sample Recording RoomRecording Facilities
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1) UTown (ERC)

2) Self-Recording Room at Science (S16)

3) Self-Recording Room at Arts & Social Sciences (AS4)