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Malaysia Information Communication Technology



Topic Introduction

Malaysia is our closest neighbour. Being so, both Singapore and Malaysia share similar traits in certain systems. This wiki aims to give introduction on the ICT implementation in Malaysia. Through this overview, we invite the reader to draw comparisons between the technological advancements in our nation and others.

Contents Overview

Background: Traces the development of ICT to its roots. Gives an introduction on MSC which is the main policy in which the Malaysia government implements to improve ICT in various sectors of the country.

Statistics: Figures of the different aspects of ICT in Malaysia. Graphs are provided to give a better picture of the trends.

Technology and its impacts: Introduces the various developments and changes ICT has brought to the nation. In this wiki, we focus on three aspects - enterprise, society and education system.

  • Enterprises: Discusses the Multimedia Super Corridor and e-Commerce.
  • Society: Introduces to the various social improvements that ICT has brought to the society.
  • Education System: Describes the "Smart School" initiative launched by the government.

Policies and Agencies: An overview of the schemes and initiatives implemented by the various organizations.

Legislation: Introduces to the different regulations that govern the usage of ICT.

News Updates: Provides the news updates from various sources in recent months.