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  • In Round 1, students will be restricted to ballot for tutorials held at their own Hall of residence. This is to ensure that priority is given to students residing in that Hall.
  • In Round 2, you may ballot for any available tutorials, including those held at other Halls. You are encouraged to select tutorials at your own Hall of residence.  Select other halls only if there is a conflict in schedule that cannot be resolved.  In such circumstances, you should consider halls that are closest to your hall of residence.
  • In both rounds, a quota is set for students from different Faculties and Nationalities, to ensure a diversity of students in each tutorial class.
  • Quota is available at Tutorial Balloting reports
  • Students will be divided into two groups by faculty:

    Science & Technology (S&T)

    Humanities & Social Sciences (H&SS)

    Faculty of Engineering (including Computer Eng.)

    Faculty of Arts & Social Science (including Env. Geo.) 

    Faculty of Science (including Pharmacy & Env. Bio.)

    School of Business

    School of Computing

    School of Design & Environment

    Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music