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  1. Only host need an account. Participants and attendees do not require a Zoom account to join a Zoom session.

  2. Max number of participants per session is 100.
  3. A meeting host/presenter is able to mute or remove anyone from a session if required.

  4. Presenter rights can be transferred to any participants.

  5. To share YouTube clips, share the browser window, select Share computer sound and click Optimize for full-screen video clip.

  6. Additional user guides can be found on the Zoom support site.

  7. Reclaiming Host Role with Becoming the Host

    titleusing Host Key

    When you schedule a session in LumiNUS, you will need to Reclaim Host Role to gain control of the session.

    Click on Participants. Then click on Claim Host. Type in the given 6 digit Host Key.